Inca Onset Q40i White + Automation

Manufacturer: Inca Digital Printers

Model: Onset S40i

RIP: ColorGATE ProductionServer 10

Chiller: Parker Hyperchill

Series: 50000

Colours: 8 - CMYKcm + WW

Year: 2014

Print Size: 3.16 m x 1.6 m (126.8" x 63")

Max Thickness: 50 mm (2") manual / 18 mm (0.7") Auto

Automation: 88000 3/4 Short Edge

Printer Serial #: Contact for serial number

Condition: Used - Fully working

Notes: This Onset Q40i is in excellent condition and produces high quality print with Fujifilm Dimatix 9pL printheads and the added benefit of white ink.

This machine is available now at a fantastic price. 

Complete global relocation package if required.